Friday, February 24, 2012

Mary Kay TimeWise Luminous Wear Foundation

Ever had that one foundation that just made your skin look "awake" and fresh?  That's what Mary Kay TimeWise Luminous-Wear Foundation did for my skin! 

The consistency is thick, but not too thick.  It spreads smoothly and evenly.  It leaves a soft luminous finish without the huge glitter pieces.  It actually gave my face a great "pick me up" and left my skin looking vibrant and "clean" (if that makes any sense?).  It covered my uneven skin tone perfectly!  This formula is made for dry skin (which I have), but they do have a matte version for oily skin.

I really love that it doesn't have a fragrance as some liquid foundations tend to have.  Mary Kay has a wonderful color selection that is sure to match anyone. 

You get 1 oz of foundation in a squeeze tube so no mess!  The only downside is I wish it had a flip top lid instead of a screw-on cap, but hey- it works..... I'll take it!

Verdict:  4 THUMBS UP!!  If you have dry skin TRY IT!  I love it and will definitely repurchase!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Total Bust!

Have you ever purchased something that you were so excited about, only to be totally disappointed?  That's what happened when I bought these products listed below!

AVON MagiX Cashmere Finish Liquid Foundation SPF 10

This foundation blended 'choppy' on my skin and was not thick. The lasting power (on my drier skin) was about 3 hours max.  It did not blend onto my skin smoothly no matter how I applied it.  It left what I call "foundation tracks" on my face.  Yeah, I know you know what I'm talking about!  MagiX also did not set well when covered with a powder.  I won't say my skin is sensitive across the board, but it is sensitive to certain chemicals.  I will say that after 2 days of wearing this foundation I broke out severely!  I absolutely NEVER break out!  Major disappointment.

Cover Girl LashBlast 24 HR Mascara

I wanted to try this mascara to see if would do anything different to my already puny lashes, and if the formula in this mascara was any different than the formula in the original LashBlast (orange tube).  Once again, Cover Girl felt the need to make the wand bigger than your ring finger!  The formula in the 24 HR mascara was drier that the original, but the brush is SO DIFFICULT to work with!  I poked my eye multiple times just trying to apply the mascara.  Once the mascara dried on my lashes it simply "coated" my lashes.  It did not plump, or blast my puny lashes into lash euphoria.....BLAH!!!  Throughout the day I noticed my eyes would burn and that the mascara has flaked off of my lashes onto my face and into my eyes.  I know that many beauties out there simply love Cover Girl LashBlast, but this was certainly not worth the $8.99 that I paid!

Jordana Eyeliner

Thank goodness this was only $1.50! The Jordana pencil liner was difficult to apply. I had to tug at my skin to get this to apply evenly.  What color I did get out the pencil, faded within 2 hours.  I wanted to like them since Jordana has other products I enjoy, but the eyeliner pencils just didn't work for me.