Sunday, November 20, 2011

Favorite Mary Kay Products

Mary Kay is such an under-rated cosmetic
line!  They have fabulous products that
wear high end.  They have so many different
products for everyone's taste!  Here are my favorites:

Satin Lips:  This set comes with one gritty walnut paste that gently exfoliates your lips.  You lightly apply and let it set for about 10 minutes.  Gently wipe off with a wet washcloth.  The second tube is most excellent balm that soaks into your freshly exfoliated lips.  Talk about hours of hydration!  This set has been my favorite for as long as I can remember!

TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser:  This creamy cleanser exfoliates, cleanses, and refreshens in 1 step!  My skin is smooth, clean, and glows after using this gem of a cleanser  (not to mention it fights signs of aging!!).  My skin can be kind of sensitive with anti-aging cleansers but my skin LOVED this one!!

Creme Lipstick:  Mary Kay has truly outdone themselves with these lipsticks! They have an excellent color selection, a great selection of "finishes" (matte, satin, frost, and shimmer), and great packaging.  These have great longevity, look beautiful on, and really hydrate.  I don't like when lipsticks 'settle' into the lines on my lips and these don't do that!  Now, with that being said these lipsticks don't have the best "taste" in the world. It has improved over the years, but still isn't great.  Mary Kay, Inc., if your listening, vanilla flavor would be great!

Creme To Powder Foundation:  This foundation is nothing short of spectacular in my opinion!  It covers my flaws, makes my face look flawless, gives medium to full coverage, comes in a variety of colors, doesn't oxidize on my face, and really gives a natural matte finish.  This foundation is extremely affordable, too!  The foundation comes in a square, magnetized slate and you must purchase a mini-compact to place the foundation in.  If you decide not to repurchase the foundation, then you can put Mary Kay eye shadows or blushes in it!  Very handy little container!

Mineral Eye Color Bundles:  These bundles take the guess work out of "what colors look good with my eye color?"!  The colors are bundled together by eye color.  The bundles to choose from are:  Beautiful Brown, Brilliant Blue, Gorgeous Green, and Hypnotic Hazel.  I love Mary Kay mineral eye shadows because they have a beautiful color selection, are long wearing, and blend like a dream!

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