Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara

I have very sparse/thin eyelashes and need a mascara to really amp up my lashes.  Very few do this for my luster lacking lashes..........except for Benefit's They're Real Mascra! 

My favorite brush is the soft teddy bear brush, but this mascara has a hard rubber wand (which surprised me).  I really didn't expect much out of this mascara mainly because of my dislike of the rubber brush, but boy was I wrong!  The different sized spikes on the brush really get in between your lashes and makes them long, separated, and full of volume.  Then end of the brush is wider with spikes encircling the head which helps you get all the small lashes on the inner portion of your eye. 

  • Separates
  • Plumps the lashes
  • Makes your lashes longer
  • No flaking
  • No burning
  • No SMUDGING!!!!!!!!  YIPPY!!
  • The price of $22 is a bit much

Monday, May 7, 2012

Short Hairstyles

I've been trying to grow my hair out, but geez it's hard! So, in the meantime I've been browsing short dos! Last August I cut my hair in a very short pixi, and have really regretted it. I love short, but it was too short!  I have very thick hair that grows incredibly fast, but my hair also has a mind of it's own and the longer it gets the more difficult it becomes to manage. I know some of you can relate!

My hair is now in a bob (to my chin) and I love it!  I do know myself well enough to know that it's only a phase and my love for short stylish hair will come back full swing!

This is of my favorite cuts!  This is so short and stylish!  I have a slightly oval/sweetheart shaped face so I have to be careful to choose a hair style that suits my face!

I love short dos that are super trendy!  My next option is Pink! I love her style!

How cute is this cut????

My hair is uber thick so I think Lisa Rinna's style is perfect!!  Of course, that means letting my "bob" grow out!  It may be a pain to keep up with for sure!  Super sassy!

I'm a little torn on this one.....not sure, but I think it would look AWESOME platinum blonde!!

I've shared my love of short hair with you and look forward to feedback!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thick Hair Routine

I have very thick, highlighted hair that is a little coarse.  It also tends to frizz and become very brittle.  This is all about my hair regimen to keep is soft and healthy looking. 

My hair tends to get used to the same shampoo/conditioner so it's important for me to change it up!  I alternate between Infusium 23 shampoo/conditioner and Dove Moisturizing shampoo/conditioner.

Infusium 23 Moisturizing is amazing! It's smells super fresh and gently cleanses my hair without making it feel oily afterwards.  It lathers like no body's business, too!  I use the shampoo, conditioner, and leave in treatment.  I apply the leave in treatment after I shampoo & condition at night.  This alone has really replenished my hair!

After I finish the Infusium 23 shampoo and conditioner I use Dove Moisturizing shampoo/conditioner.  I love this line!  It really softens my hair and makes it smooth and soft.  You get great lather and it smells great!  The only thing with this shampoo is that you really need to make sure you rinse really well, otherwise it looks like it builds up in your roots....GROSS, right?

I usually wash my hair at night so the conditioner has time to work while I sleep.  To keep my hair frizz free and super soft I use Organix Moroccan Argan Oil for Coarse Hair (it's different than the original formula).  This stuff is amazing!  I apply it to the ends of my hair in the mornings after I wet it and before I fix it.  What a difference!

Another great thing that I use on my hair (especially in the summer time) is extra virgin olive oil.  I take a nickel size amount and smooth on my hands and apply directly to the driest part of my hair.  Believe it or not, your hair soaks this up and it looks unbelievably shiny and soft!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mary Kay TimeWise Luminous Wear Foundation

Ever had that one foundation that just made your skin look "awake" and fresh?  That's what Mary Kay TimeWise Luminous-Wear Foundation did for my skin! 

The consistency is thick, but not too thick.  It spreads smoothly and evenly.  It leaves a soft luminous finish without the huge glitter pieces.  It actually gave my face a great "pick me up" and left my skin looking vibrant and "clean" (if that makes any sense?).  It covered my uneven skin tone perfectly!  This formula is made for dry skin (which I have), but they do have a matte version for oily skin.

I really love that it doesn't have a fragrance as some liquid foundations tend to have.  Mary Kay has a wonderful color selection that is sure to match anyone. 

You get 1 oz of foundation in a squeeze tube so no mess!  The only downside is I wish it had a flip top lid instead of a screw-on cap, but hey- it works..... I'll take it!

Verdict:  4 THUMBS UP!!  If you have dry skin TRY IT!  I love it and will definitely repurchase!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Total Bust!

Have you ever purchased something that you were so excited about, only to be totally disappointed?  That's what happened when I bought these products listed below!

AVON MagiX Cashmere Finish Liquid Foundation SPF 10

This foundation blended 'choppy' on my skin and was not thick. The lasting power (on my drier skin) was about 3 hours max.  It did not blend onto my skin smoothly no matter how I applied it.  It left what I call "foundation tracks" on my face.  Yeah, I know you know what I'm talking about!  MagiX also did not set well when covered with a powder.  I won't say my skin is sensitive across the board, but it is sensitive to certain chemicals.  I will say that after 2 days of wearing this foundation I broke out severely!  I absolutely NEVER break out!  Major disappointment.

Cover Girl LashBlast 24 HR Mascara

I wanted to try this mascara to see if would do anything different to my already puny lashes, and if the formula in this mascara was any different than the formula in the original LashBlast (orange tube).  Once again, Cover Girl felt the need to make the wand bigger than your ring finger!  The formula in the 24 HR mascara was drier that the original, but the brush is SO DIFFICULT to work with!  I poked my eye multiple times just trying to apply the mascara.  Once the mascara dried on my lashes it simply "coated" my lashes.  It did not plump, or blast my puny lashes into lash euphoria.....BLAH!!!  Throughout the day I noticed my eyes would burn and that the mascara has flaked off of my lashes onto my face and into my eyes.  I know that many beauties out there simply love Cover Girl LashBlast, but this was certainly not worth the $8.99 that I paid!

Jordana Eyeliner

Thank goodness this was only $1.50! The Jordana pencil liner was difficult to apply. I had to tug at my skin to get this to apply evenly.  What color I did get out the pencil, faded within 2 hours.  I wanted to like them since Jordana has other products I enjoy, but the eyeliner pencils just didn't work for me.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

AVON Moisture Seduction Lip Gloss

I love a lipgloss that is hydrating, smells sweet, no big pieces of glitter,
and has great color payoff.  This is where AVON Moisture Seduction Lip
Gloss comes in!  It's AVON's newest lip gloss that was just introduced
and it's fantastic!

It's actually swirled with vanilla-colored gloss that softens the
color going on your lips.  It looks so neat! It smells like a cross between
vanilla and candy!  The consistency is relatively thick, goes
on smoothly, and has a beautiful shimmer without being "glittery".
You get some decent longevity out of these lip glosses. I
applied the lip gloss at 5:30am and by 9:00am there was
still color on my lips (although the "shimmery" effect had
worn off).

Here are the swatches of  Violet Beauty and Pearl Pink (the first 2
left to right on the top row):

The typical price is $7, but they are
usually on sale for $2.99!    They don't have the best color selection.
The color choices are:  Pearl Pink (bright medium pink), Violet Beauty
(lovely soft lilac), Glimmering Champagne (peachy/beige), and Sweet
Clementine (coral-ish/pink).

Check them out with your local AVON rep or visit my online store!