Saturday, January 14, 2012

AVON Moisture Seduction Lip Gloss

I love a lipgloss that is hydrating, smells sweet, no big pieces of glitter,
and has great color payoff.  This is where AVON Moisture Seduction Lip
Gloss comes in!  It's AVON's newest lip gloss that was just introduced
and it's fantastic!

It's actually swirled with vanilla-colored gloss that softens the
color going on your lips.  It looks so neat! It smells like a cross between
vanilla and candy!  The consistency is relatively thick, goes
on smoothly, and has a beautiful shimmer without being "glittery".
You get some decent longevity out of these lip glosses. I
applied the lip gloss at 5:30am and by 9:00am there was
still color on my lips (although the "shimmery" effect had
worn off).

Here are the swatches of  Violet Beauty and Pearl Pink (the first 2
left to right on the top row):

The typical price is $7, but they are
usually on sale for $2.99!    They don't have the best color selection.
The color choices are:  Pearl Pink (bright medium pink), Violet Beauty
(lovely soft lilac), Glimmering Champagne (peachy/beige), and Sweet
Clementine (coral-ish/pink).

Check them out with your local AVON rep or visit my online store!

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