Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Affordable Mascaras!!

Alot of people believe that you can't get good quality mascara from a drug store mascara.  That is simply not true! 
I have very thin, average length lashes so I want a mascara that plumps and lenthens. My all time favorites are:

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara:
This mascara really plumps your lashes and makes them super soft! This didn't flake on me or burn my eyes. This mascara has olive oil in the formula so it conditions your lashes.  Great for contact lens wearers! Retails for $7-$8

Mascara Colossal Volume Mascara:

This mascara is really amazing!  I did not think I would like this mascara but it took my lashes from "meh" to "Whoa"!  Somehow it coats differently than other mascaras and not only plumps my lashes but multiplies them.  I experienced no burning or flaking. This washes off easily with soap and water. Retails for $6

L'Oreal Lash Out Mascara:

If you like soft, teddy bear, full fanned lashes with lots of length you will LOVE this
mascara!!  I have used this mascara on and off for years and love the results! I experienced no flaking, smudging, or burning when using this mascara.  Retails for  $7

Cover Girl Volume Exact:

I love this mascara!  This really boosts my lashes and dries quickly.  This mascara separates, gives volume, and actually helped to lenthen them.  This has the rubber wand that grabs each lash and is easy to work with.  Retails for $6-$7

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  1. I love the colossal lashes, but i also love the RImmel Max lashes mascara (atleast thats what I think it is called!) It is fantastic!