Sunday, September 25, 2011

Avon Extralasting Line..

Avon has a new line that replaced the old Perfect Wear line called "Extralasting".  As the name implies this makeup is geared for super long wear!  Let's get started!

Extralasting Foundation:
This foundation really does last all day!  It's creamier than most and doesn't dry quite as fast as the traditional long wearing foundation.  Even though the shades range from super light to dark for this foundation, it can oxidize with some shades.  This foundation blended nicely, dried to a flawless finish, and last about 8 hours.  I enjoyed this coverage!

Extralasting Lipstick:
This lipstick ROCKS!!  I love a good long wearing lipstick, but HATE when it feels like I've sucked a garbage bag around my lips! Blah!  This lipstick comes in a nice range of shades, applies smoothly, and dries to a nice long lasting metallic finish.  I won't say this lasts all day by any means, but it does last for a good while.  I wore this a good 6 hours without a touchup!

Extralasting Lipgloss:
This lipgloss is super shiney, comes in some beautiful shades, and lasts a long time!  Plus, these lipglosses look gorgeous over the Extralasting Lipstick!  These lipglosses follow suit with the lipstick- they are not sticky, but smooth and dry to a nice finish. Highly recommended!

Extralasting Eyeshadow:
This eyeshadow has great wear and a beautiful finish!  These are loosely powdered eyeshadows that apply smoothly.  These shadows are slightly wet and dry to a nice finish that looks beautiful!  I will say that unless you wear an eye primer that these can crease.

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