Tuesday, October 25, 2011

mark. Moisturizers

Winter time always has my skin singing
the blues!  My skin gets itchy, flakey,
and cracks very easily if I don't pamper
my skin with moisture.  Some of my all time favorite
skin moisturizers for my dry skin are from mark.!

My first love, is the Lemon Sugar Body Butter. This is a light moisturizer that smells like lemon sugar and oh so yummy!  The smell is not overwhelming, and it dissipates into a nice light fragrant cream.  While creamy, the consistency is more of a slightly thick lotion.  It absorbs into the skin very quickly and is not greasy (YAY!!  I hate greasy creams).  Makes my skin perfectly moisturized. 

Not only does my body get dry, but my face does as well.  With the wind and cold weather, my face gets quite irritated!  One of my favorite creams to use for winter is mark. Calm and Composed Super Smoothing Moisturizer.  It's a quick absorbing formula infused with super foods avocado and oat, shea butter and red algae combine for a lightweight, oil-free cream that visibly reduces skin redness as it moisturizes (this is also excellent for sensitive skin). 1.7 fl. oz. $18.00 and so worth it!!

For those of use who like using the natural gems of Mother Nature, there is my all time favorite body cream- mark. Relief Effort Total Comfort Body Creme.  This is an amazing cream made with cocoa butter, olive oil and chamomile, and blended with grape and papaya extracts.  This is also EXCELLENT at calming irritated skin!  $14.00


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